About us

EROS Distributor is a new firm created to support the retail business of erotic products designed to enhance intimate personal relationships and promote new erotic sensory experiences.

At the beginning of activity, we are the exclusive distributor of the Orgie brand for Portugal and Spain. The Orgie brand embodies a wide collection of products of Brazilian origin, which uses active principles from the Amazon and other innovations to provide new and exciting sensations, whose sales success has been demonstrated for many years in Brazil. Now with integral manufacturing in Portugal, we think we have the conditions to achieve a great commercial success in Portugal and in the rest of Europe.

We provide detailed descriptions and photographs of all our products, allowing you to view the products before you buy. But we want to be recognized for exceptional customer service, with in-store direct advice and support as needed, to maximize sales opportunities, increase end-customer satisfaction, and make a decisive contribution to business success. Our commitment to a sensational level of service will lead us to select only the best products and continuously improve customer service levels. Our team will have superior levels of product knowledge and ability to make recommendations and advise when requested.

We can process orders of all sizes including one or two items as required. We want to be proud of our response time to customer requests, so we will try to ship orders on the same day we receive them. We are in the center of Portugal, with good access to logistic networks.

If you are not yet our customer, then please register today to access our web page and store. Your success is our success!


Provide solutions that help our clients to expand and focus their businesses, developing actions, people and markets with the goal of enhancing the growth of our customers, partners and employees.


Punctuality, Transparency, Respect for the Human Being, Commitment and Fair Price.


Liquid vibrators, orgasm enhancers, performance for men, blowjob sprays and more...

Brazilian formulas made in Europe Natural extracts from Amazonian Rainforest New Sensations, new possibilities

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